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Simple Tricks To Help Lower You Heating Costs

Power bills can shoot up during winter due to home heating but there are ways to lower energy consumption without losing comfort. Integrating these simple tricks won’t take more than thirty minutes of your time and most of the materials needed are cheap and easily accessible so you should be able to see a quick return on your investment. Here are some simple ways to cut your home heating bills:

Replace worn weather-stripping

About 7-12 percent of a home’s heat loss is let out through doors and windows when cold air gets in through old and worn weather-stripping. Most homeowners turn up the heat in order to keep warm and consequently, the power bill goes up. Regular wear and tear can damage weather-stripping around doors and windows so ensure you replace it every few years to prevent draft.

Door thresholds

If your door lets in daylight from lack of contact with the threshold, then you’re definitely losing heat. Most thresholds can be adjusted by screws to eliminate the gap so that very little air lets out. Make sure not to drag the door on the threshold; it could destroy the weather-stripping.

Drafts around electrical boxes

Electrical boxes tend to be notoriously drafty because they don’t always have proper insulation. In order to stop leaks, remove the covers on electrical boxes along your exterior walls and cover the gaps inside with acrylic latex caulk, and then use a foam gasket to cover the outlet before replacing the cover plate.

Plug the holes in your exterior walls

All the pipes that enter your home, including those of gas lines and electrical cables usually leave gaps on your walls. The caulk used to cover those gaps isn’t entirely effective so after years of cracking and peeling the caulk falls off and leaves gaps. Use expanding foam to seal the gaps and for water pipes under the sink you might have to unscrew the escutcheon ring and then caulk around the pipe.

Use a portable heater

Instead of heating the entire house, put a space heater in the place where your family gathers and then turn down the furnace temp. You will still keep warm and you’ll save 3% on all your heating costs for each degree you turn down below 70 F. you will have to buy a portable heater and use electric power on it but the reduction in the furnace will offset the overall heating cost.

Use plastic film on windows and patio doors

Windows account for significant heat loss in a home; up to 25%. Sliding patio doors and windows can be covered with clear plastic film to reduce heat loss. Transparent film is relatively cheap and it will save you 14% on your power bill. If used correctly the film is barely visible and in spring it comes off easily, never ruining your trim.