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Pool Heaters on Long Island

Keep Your Swimming Pool Warm

Why limit the enjoyment of your pool? Extend your pool season by installing an oil or gas fired pool heater, enjoy your pool in the early spring, late fall, cool summer days and spend more family time together in and around your pool. Your pool heater can also be used to heat a pool enclosure or an adjacent building.

Thermodynamics Thermotron Pool Heater (Oil-Fired)

  • Pool water remains at the temperature you select
  • No problems with corrosion or scaling
  • Safe McDonnell – Miller low water cut-off
  • Economical low maintenance operation
  • Durable – stucco embossed all aluminum weatherized jacket protects the burner and controls from the elements
  • All-copper heat exchanger
  • Easy access for maintenance and adjustments. UL listed components preassembled for ease of installation
  • Five year limited warranty can be ordered with special coil for salt water pools
  • Also available as indoor models

Jandy Legacy Natural Gas Pool Heater (Gas-Fired)

The Jandy Legacy natural gas pool heaters are built to last, with technologically advanced, user friendly features.

  • The energy efficient – economical pool heating solution
  • Copper heat exchanger
  • Flo-thru baffles provide efficient heat transfer & lower the amount of energy needed to heat your pool
  • Available in two models – electronic ignition and electronic
  • Standing pilot – built in one touch automation makes pool to spa switching simple