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Long Island Heating Oil Prices

Call for Our Low 2018 Heating Oil Prices on Long Island

If you’re a homeowner or business on Long Island, you will understand and appreciate how important it is to be able to rely on your heating provider.

Consider the fact that Long Island home heating oil prices have varied considerably over the last few years, and that they will surely continue to do so.

No matter where on Long Island – Nassau County, Suffolk County or Queens, home heating oil is not cheap. It’s very important to choose your heating oil company carefully, since your selection is likely to have a major impact on your household budgeting plans, perhaps for many years to come.

Avoid Companies with Surprise Rate Jumps When Cold Weather Arrives

General Utilities has 52 years of great service behind it, and the reasons we have maintained its position as the most trusted choices simple: outstanding customer service and total dependability.

As a full service heating company, we can offer you a wide variety of options to serve your needs perfectly. Of course, at the heart of our business is selling fuel oil at highly competitive rates and with high standards of service – without unnecessarily long term contracts.

Emergency Heating Oil Deliveries on Long Island

General Utilities can also provide emergency heating oil delivery service cover which is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you total peace of mind.

General’s emergency service can deliver heating oil to Long Island in Nassau County, Suffolk County & Queens. If you have a problem with your heating, we will be there to make sure things are put right.

Naturally, we also supply features such as automatic deliveries and fully professional and expert installs of new heating equipment. Our long experience means we know exactly what we’re doing!

Avoid Confusing Home Heating Oil Pricing Models

We understand that the current home heating oil prices in Long Island can be a confusing marketplace, with its variety of different suppliers and pricing plans. That’s why you can benefit from premium quality features such as a 30 day credit feature and reliable, dependable fixed price programs.

You only have to look online to see just what a good reputation we have built up over the years – and we plan on keeping it that way! Because of our roots as a family owned company, we have stayed in touch with what our customers want from their heating oil company.

How Much Does Long Island Heating Oil Cost?

General Utilities has nothing to hide. Discover and compare the true average oil prices that consumers are paying in Long Island at the Oil Heat Institute, and it will quickly become clear that we are genuinely offering you great, low priced discounts on heating oil.

Of course, we combine highly affordable prices with innovative, cutting-edge science to help maximize the efficiency of your home’s heating system. Our friendly, professional representatives are ready and waiting to help you save money on your heating bills. That’s been the way we’ve done things ever since we set up business back in the 1960’s, and why you’ll find families all over New York state who know our name and recommend our services.

You too can be part of the growing General family – get in touch with us today and see how much better your heating oil supply can be!