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There’s plenty of benefits that come with the incorporation of gas heat into your home’s climate control. Lots of people that use oil heat are simply using it because they’ve got no access to natural gas. Burning oil can incur significantly varying energy bills during winter months, resulting in unexpectedly high bills. Gas heating, on the other hand, is mainly made in the US. This is beneficial because it puts a cap on the pricing fluctuations, making it a very sensible option for people that have the ability to connect to local gas lines.

How to Convert from Oil Heat to Gas Heat

One of the primary issues that must be dealt with when you’re switching to a gas-operated home heating solution is equipment. There’s quite a few people that wonder if they’re able to make the process a little easier and cheaper by retrofitting a pre-existing oil furnace. While it’s a possibility that a few models can be converted, in reality energy efficiency regulations and modern building codes on HVAC equipment make it a smarter idea to just have a new furnace installed.

Gas Line Connection

A large portion of your conversion costs will be involved with a utility company to connect your house up to the main gas line. You’ll have to discuss this matter and the requirements and costs involved with your chosen company. It’s always best to schedule the evaluation and the line placement. A line from your gas meter to the location of the furnace will have to be installed by your HVAC expert. If you’re looking for an affordable option for heating water and cooking, the possible additional routing of your gas line to these is worth taking a look at.

How to Choose the Best Gas Furnace for Your Home

We’re able to work with you to locate the optimal combination of pricing and efficiency as you’re looking for your required equipment. We’ll do all the calculations to ensure that the system has the capacity to effectively heat your home whether it be gas heat or oil heating, we can help!. It’s also a good idea to look at high-efficiency system, because they’ll be able to better minimize your costs.