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How Much Heating Oil Will I Be Required to Burn?

Predictions can be tough to make, but it is a safe bet the temperature is going to drop over the next few days. In colder climates, a furnace is going to work a lot harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. In order to determine when your home might require a heating oil refill, we use a complex computer system capable of arriving at accurate determinations. Likely, you are asking yourself ”How long will ‘X’ gallons of heating oil last in the tank?” You may even become wondering about exactly how much heating oil you must use. The truth is each and every home is different, yet, we can take a look at the average family’s usage in an average size home. In a single season, 600 gallons is what the average customer is going to use in a season. As soon as temperatures drop into the single digit range, about 10 gallons per day is going to be burned up by the average home. Quite a number of different factors tie into the actual efficiency of a furnace:

  • The Condition of the Furnace (This is why tune-ups are recommended)
  • The Quality of the Fuel Used
  • The Actual Size of the Home
  • Whether or Not Oil is Used to Heat Water
  • The Approximate Number of People Living in the Home
  • How Old the Home Is
  • The Efficiency of Windows, Doors, and Other Components that Require Insulation.

The best advice we can give to customers is to conserve heating oil whenever possible. This means you will use a lot less heating oil which, in turn, means heating costs will be driven down. Do not worry if your heating tank is low because our drivers are always out on the road offering their services to fill tanks. For those who would just like an accurate reading of expected home usage and when the next fill is likely, please call 800–290–9202