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Heating Oil Facts

Oil Heat Is A Safer Fuel

Oil does not burn when it is a liquid. Oil will not burn unless it is preheated to 140 degrees and is non-carcinogenic. Gas can be damaging and dangerous. Whether it’s a gas leak in the house or a rupture in a gas line on the street, explosions and deadly accidents can occur. If there’s a malfunction with oil heating, there are early warning signs like smoke or soot that are more obvious and give time to react, unlike the odorless fumes. of natural gas.

The Cost Of Natural Gas Versus Oil

Fossil fuel prices often mirror each other relatively closely. When oil goes up, so does natural gas, and vice versa in tandem. The price of natural gas is at a major low and power plants are converting to natural gas from coal. Natural gas for power generation rose 7% in 2009-2010 and keeps increasing. Gas companies in America are considering exporting more natural gas, which will cut production and cause an increase in natural gas prices for the average consumer. It’s uncertain whether the average consumer will be able to save money by converting from oil to natural gas.

No Renewable Substitute For Natural Gas

There is currently no substitute that is renewable for natural gas, according to the American Energy Coalition. Oil heat does have a renewable alternative: Bioheat. It’s a blend of oil heat and biofuel generated from plants and food byproducts and is environmentally friendly.

Flexibility Of Price

Many oil heat service providers offer their customers credits, discounts, budget and referral programs to help them manage bill payments more easily. Larger companies that handles other utilities are more stiff with their pricing and payment structures and don’t offer these options to their customers.

Great Customer Service

Research from the industry found that 95% of people that use oil were happy with their supplier’s customer service. Many oil heat companies are family owned local businesses that have been in the industry for years and give their customers personal and quality service.