Fuel Oil Tanks Delivered & Installed on Long Island

General is the Expert in Fuel Oil Tank Selection and Installation

Thanks to dramatic advances in oil heat burner technology in recent years, modern oil heat systems boast efficiency ratings over 90%!

Average fuel consumption in 1973 was a whopping 1294 gallons, while modern systems have reduced that number to a mere 800 gallons!

Roth Fuel Oil Tanks

Using state of the art computerized technology, Roth Safety tanks are manufactured to the highest standards. These oil tanks are offering economical, safe, compact and problem free storage of heating oil.

Roth tanks have a blow molded seamless inner tank of high density polyethylene, which is absolutely leak proof and corrosion resistant.

The outer tank is made of galvanized steel, lock seamed and sealed with an oil and fire resistant seal. The outer tank protects the inner tank and offers secondary containment should the inner tank fail.

Granby Fuel Oil Tanks

The Granby fuel oil tank is the industry benchmark and the strongest, most reliable tanks you can buy. With 50+ years of experience, Granby Industries is known for its quality and proven track record in innovation and design.

With warranties up to 30 years Granby tanks give you complete peace of mind. Their double bottom and polyurethane coated tanks you know your environment is being protected.