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Energy Saving Tips

Summer may be closing in but lets not forget that the weather makes it feel as though we are still in the middle of winter. Many of us have been trying to cut down the prices of our bills by keeping the heating off. However we are paying the price by living in freezing cold temperatures which simply is not healthy. Here are ten much safer energy saving tips which will keep those bills as low as possible.

Quick Free Energy Saving Tips

  1. Turn down the thermostat in your household down to around 10 degrees when you go to your bed and go to work. By lowering your thermostat down four at least 16 hours every day you will save money without freezing to death.
  2. Minimize bathroom and kitchen fan usage as much as possible. Turn them off when they have done their job. It only takes an hour in total for those fans to expel a whole household of warm air.
  3. Limit the fireplace usage because heat will rise. However when heat rises the fire will suck the heat out of the room. Always keep the flu closed when you are not using the fireplace.
  4. Turn down the water heater in your home to around 115 degrees. By doing this you are lowering the power use without causing a noticeable difference. This is a great fast way to reduce those bills.
  5. Make sure that all vents are completely unobstructed so the heated air can freely circulate around the house.

Low Cost Energy Saving Tips

  1. Reduce the air leaks by making use of weather stripping in the windows and doors. All those little gaps in the windows and doors can add up to a huge hole in your wall.
  2. Clean your air filters every few months as clogged air filters will make your furnace run a lot hotter and work much harder.
  3. Purchase a yearly service contract regarding your furnace. By keeping your furnace in top condition it will run at it’s true potential and efficiency.
  4. Ensure that your insulation is well placed and in good shape. You need to contain all the heat in your house so make sure your attic is well insulated.
  5. Replace your furnace as old furnaces can really burn a lot more energy than required. This method can save you a lot of money over time.