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Dispelling Heating Oil Myths

Oil has been used as a source of heating fuel for over a century, but few people really understand the liquid, and the benefits that it offers. While widely considered to be inferior to other heating sources, there are a number of rumors, myths, and so-called facts that simply aren’t true.

Heating Oil Is The Same As Kerosene

No 2 heating oil must meet very specific standards, and these are different to those of kerosene and diesel. The three substances have unique properties and must conform to different standards.

Oil Is Inefficient

It is possible to implement a range of energy saving and oil saving techniques into a home heating system that will reduce the oil used, and reduce the size of energy bills. An effectively designed system can prove highly efficient.

Oil Is Dangerous

At room temperature, heating oil will not ignite when coming into contact with an open flame. Whereas gas and natural gas are highly flammable, volatile liquids, heating oil is comparatively safe.

Heating Oil Is Expensive

Although oil prices have risen in the past few years, users have direct communication with suppliers, and the use of efficient heating systems helps ensure that the cost of heating your home can be kept to a minimum.

Oil Is Bad For The Environment

Heating oil can be burned without producing harmful carcinogens and it burns cleanly, meaning that it does not produce harmful greenhouse gases either. It is also biodegradable, and a number of companies are working to further improve the environmental credentials of this much maligned fuel.

Heating Oil Stocks Are Going To Deplete Soon

Theoretically, heating oil is a fossil fuel, and this means that there is a finite amount of it in existence. However, there are currently no signs of the supply drying up, and new supplies are being found regularly, ensuring that the stock of oil that homeowners can access remains high.

Heating oil can be used as a highly efficient and beneficial furl for heating the home. Ensuring that you have a well-designed heating system, and a good relationship with your oil supplier, will help ensure that you enjoy the best experience of using a heating oil system in your home.