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Air Conditioning & HVAC Service on Long Island

Residential Air Conditioning Repair on Long Island

General works with thousands of home owners on Long Island to keep their air conditioning systems running and working efficiently.  Routine maintenance is a great way to avoid expensive repairs and reduce electric consumption.

Contact us today with questions about our Long Island air conditioning repair and maintenance services!

We Also Cater to Commerical Needs

Along with our residential business, General also has a broad base of commercial services. We can service from the smallest commercial business such as the local delicatessen to the largest corporate offices and manufacturing plants.

Competitive Pricing

General offers a number of very competitive pricing options, one of which will most certainly meet the needs and requirements of almost ever business whether large or small. Please contact us if you would like any further information on our commercial services.

Ready to Accommodate Growth

With our fleet of over fifty delivery trucks and tractor-trailers General can handle any size commercial business when it comes satisfying your fuel oil requirements. Our automatic delivery system will make sure those large fuel tanks are maintained with a plentiful supply of fuel oil.

Commercial Contracts

Our commercial service contracts can be designed to fit any number of applications and our highly qualified service technicians will make sure your commercial systems run smoothly and continuously throughout the year.