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All You Need To Know About Oil Heating Systems

The use of heat oil is increasingly gaining popularity throughout the United States and research by the Department of Energy shows that it indeed has a lot of benefits. If you haven’t joined this party yet, then here’s what you have been missing: What benefits will you enjoy?

  1. Affordability

    Compared to a decade ago, heat oil is probably the only thing you don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets for. Its price has actually gone down by 28% and it is far cheaper than electricity.

  2. Uncompromised safety

    Heating oil is probably the safest fuel for your home heating system. Unlike other hydrocarbon fuels, it is very clean producing very little in form of toxic emissions. The fact that it is the vapor rather than the oil itself that burns makes it non-explosive reducing the risk of fires.

  3. Efficiency

    The efficiency of many modern oil heating systems is quite impressive with ratings of 80% and above and these are only expected to improve with advancements in design and technology. Moreover, oil heat systems distribute the heat quicker and more evenly throughout your home than other fuels.

  4. Versatility

    Oil heat systems aren’t restricted to the task of heating your home only; modern oil systems can also heat your shower water, hot tubs and swimming pools and even cool your home.

  5. Reliability

    The possibility of spending a winter night in miserable cold due to low supply of heating oil is almost non-existent. Heating oil, a by-product of crude oil will always be in surplus owing to the ever growing demand for gasoline.

  6. Service

    You are at liberty to choose who delivers your oil based on their prices and quality of service.

How do oil heating systems work?

Well, pretty much like your old truck’s carburetor. Oil is mixed with air in just the right proportions and delivered as a fine spray to the burner head where it is ignited using an electric spark. The resulting flame is used to produce steam, hot air or hot water which is then delivered to different points in the home.